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COBIT 5 Foundation Training

COBIT 5 Foundation course is designed to provide the understanding of framework for Governance and Management of Enterprise IT. COBIT 5 helps to set specific objective for managing and governing the flow of information within organization. COBIT 5 Foundation will increase your probability to build your career in a sector which is expected to grow 210%

Key Features

COBIT 5 Foundation training delivery is a specialty of Consultants Factory. We’re among the best to offer it. We’ve trained 5000+ candidates across India, UAE & Saudi Arabia.

Our COBIT courses are accredited by Peoplecert (Foundation, Implementer and Assessor levels).

  • 180 Days E-Learning Access
  • Sample Papers
  • Access To Recorded Sessions

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Course Description

COBIT 5 Foundation is designed for professionals who are seeking exposure in Governance and Management of Enterprise IT. COBIT 5 Foundation helps functional business areas be the drivers for change as the IT function has become more business-focused and also provides a common language to communicate with IT professionals.

COBIT 5 has a complete, consistent and easily navigable format that promotes access of information, functionality and user satisfaction. The principles, enablers, analytical tools and models found in COBIT 5 embody thought leadership and guidance from business, IT and governance experts around the world.

Consultants Factory Course include 5 Chapters covering Principals, Enablers, and Process Capability along with cases study, quizzes, Sample Paper. The real time experience of practitioner will always complement the training.

If you are interested in not only a global recognition, but also learning a globally recognized structured framework of governance & management of enterprise IT and Professionals who are working in Audit & Assurance, Risk Management, Information Security, Regulatory & Compliance and Governance of Enterprise IT then you should go for COBIT.

COBIT 5 Foundation is the first step to build your career in IT Governance & IT Management. After Completing COBIT 5 Foundation certification you can helps organisations to meet business challenges in regulatory compliance, risk management and aligning IT strategy with organisational goals. After COBIT 5 Foundation you can choose the career path like: IT auditors, IT managers, IT quality professionals, IT leadership and others.

Course Contents

Topic 1: Business & IT Objectives 
Topic 2: Business & IT
Topic 3: Business goal to activity goal mapping
Topic 4: Enterprise Pain Points
Topic 5: Resolving Enterprise Pain Points
Topic 6: Evolution of COBIT 5
Topic 7: Why COBIT 5
Topic 8: Overview of Principles & Enablers
Topic 9: Applicability of COBIT 5
Topic 10: Where Does COBIT Fit
Topic 11: About this Book

• Topic 1: Principle-1 Meeting Shareholder Needs
• Topic 2: Principle-1 Meeting Shareholder Needs( Internal & External Stakeholders)
• Topic 3: Enterprise GOALS
• Topic 4: Stakeholder needs to Enterprise Goal Mapping
• Topic 5: IT related Goals to Enabler Mapping
• Topic 6: Principle -2 Covering the Enterprise End to End
• Topic 7: Principle-3 Applying Single Integrated Framework
• Topic 8: Principle-4 Enabling a Holistic Approach
• Topic 9: Principle 4 Enabling a Holistic Approach – 7 Enablers
• Topic 10: Enabler Dimensions-Stakeholders
• Topic 11: Enablers Dimensions-Goals
• Topic 12: Enabler Dimensions- Lifecycle
• Topic 13: Enabler Performance Management
• Topic 14: Principle-5 Separating Governance & Management
• Topic 15: Interaction Between Governance & Management

• Topic 1: Enabler 1 Principles,Policies & Frameworks
• Topic 2: Enabler 2 Processes
• Topic 3: Enabler 2 Goal Relationship
• Topic 4: Process Reference Model
• Topic 5: Enabler 3 Organizational Structure
• Topic 6: Enabler 4 Culture, Ethics & Behaviour
• Topic 7: Enabler 5 Information
• Topic 8: Enabler 6 & 7

• Topic 1: What is Process Assessment
• Topic 2: Process Capability Levels
• Topic 3: CMM Maturity Levels
• Topic 4: Process Capability levels
• Topic 5: IS0 15504 Assessment Indicators
• Topic 6: Process Capability Level
• Topic 7: IS0 15504 Assessment Indicators
• Topic 8: COBIT Process Assessment Model
• Topic 9: Process Attribute Rating Scale
• Topic 10: Process Attribute Rating & Capability Levels
• Topic 11: COBIT 5 Implementation
• Topic 12: Key Success Factor for Implementation
• Topic 13: Recognising Pain points & Trigger Events
• Topic 14: Life Cycle Approach
• Topic 15: COBIT 5 Implementation Life Cycle Approach Phase 1 & 2
• Topic 16: Remaining Phases of Life cycle Approach
• Topic 17: Making Good Business Case

• Topic 1: COBIT 5 Implementation
• Topic 2: Challenges to Success
• Topic 3: Programme Management
• Topic 4: Enterprise Internal & External factors
• Topic 5: Elaboration of Phases

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Exam & Certification

Candidates are allowed to self-study for the COBIT 5 Foundation exam. However it is suggested that first take the COBIT Foundation Training Course to help them understand the concept of COBIT 5 and prepare for COBIT 5 certification exam.

COBIT 5 has the 50% as the pass percentage.

COBIT 5 Foundation is a close book examination.

COBIT 5 did not have any prerequisite to take examination.

After successfully passing the examination you will receive the soft copy if the certificate. The Soft copy of the certification can be downloaded from your PeopleCert account.

Candidate who wish to get the hard copy of the COBIT 5 Certificate are requested to order the hard copy from your PeopleCert account by paying the applicable charges.

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Saikat Basu

Saikat is an IT Management Consulting expert, with his capabilities spanning across multiple facets of Management Advisory (IT Governance, IT Service Management, Information Security & IT Quality management).He was the IT Advisory practice head for QAI, the IT Service Management consulting practice of KPMG, and various roles for IBM, KPMGetc


Amit Kumar Dey

Amit is an industry veteran of repute in the IT management education space. Prior to CF, he led his own IT training & consulting venture in India, Middle East & Asia Pacific regions. Amit heads the professional education / training business of Consultants Factory.


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