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IT Service Management Courses

IT Service Management

IT service management is all about value generation for your customers. Systematically managed IT services generate business benefits, customer delight and strengthens the service provider brand value.

Our training solutions are focused in helping IT service provider organizations enhance maturity of their employees on service management principles, methods & good practices.

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* All workshops are delivered over evening sessions

Foundation: 26th – 27th July 2018

Service Operation (SO): 25th – 27th  July, 2018

Operational Support & Analysis (OSA): 25th – 27th July, 2018

Service Transition (ST): 18th – 20th July, 2018


ITIL Foundation

ITIL Foundation Workshop: 3 Days I 24 Hours


ITIL Intermediate: Lifecycle Track

Service Strategy (SS): 3 Days I 24 Hours

Service Design (SD): 3 Days I 24 Hours

Service Transition (ST): 3 Days I 24 Hours

Service Operation (SO): 3 Days I 24 HoursContinual Service Improvement (CSI): 3 Days I 24 Hours

ITIL Intermediate: Capability track

Service Offerings & Agreements (SOA): 4 Days I 32 Hours

Planning, Protection & Optimisation (PPO): 4 Days I 32 Hours

Release, Control & Validation (RCV): 4 Days I 32 Hours

Operational Support & Analysis (OSA): 4 Days I 32 Hours

ITIL Expert Level

Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC): 5 Days I 40 Hours

ISO/IEC 20000:2011

ISO 20000 Lead Auditor: 5 Days I 40 Hours each

ISO 20000 Lead Implementer: 5 Days I 40 Hours each